This code crashes every iPhone and iPad immediately

Apple users are currently victims of a text message that causes iPhones and iPads to crash when received. picture: 9to5mac

This symbol causes every iPhone and iPad to crash immediately

Messages containing a certain string cause Apple devices to crash. Joke cookies take advantage of this and annoy their friends by sending so-called text bombs.

Once again, a so-called text bomb is circulating on social media and messenger services such as WhatsApp. This is a message that contains a string that is harmful to iPhones and iPads. It causes the device to crash or freeze. The senders probably send such messages to prank Apple users.

The text bomb has been spreading on the web for a few days.

Such text bombs keep spreading. They mostly contain characters in a language that the Apple software cannot handle properly. In this case, iOS cannot cope with a certain character in the Sindhi language. According to user reports, the harmful sign is hidden in an emoji flag. The problem affects not only messages received via WhatsApp, but also tweets and posts on social media.

According to user reports, the smartphone or tablet switches off after opening the message or no longer responds to inputs. After restarting, the problem is resolved. The text bomb does not cause permanent damage.

Apple fixes such software bugs after an update, so that the text bomb stops working after some time. In the current case, such an update is still pending. Users can temporarily protect themselves by disabling push notifications.


Apple has not been able to deal with the text bomb problem for years:


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This is how these emojis are interpreted

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