This club from the English seventh division wants to borrow Haaland!


Sensational move made by Ashton United. The club, which play in England’s seventh division, intend to borrow a striker Manchester City Erling Haaland!

Haaland is one of the few City players who has not made an appearance World Cup 2022, because the Norwegian national team could not get there. Therefore, there is more than a month off for Haaland before the competition starts again.

With his performance back in focus, 23 goals in all competitions, it is clear Haaland will be at a disadvantage due to this stop. It is possible that Haaland will find it difficult to warm up the “engine” when the competition resumes.

Therefore, Haaland must at least continue to have assets on the grid so that his condition is maintained. Then one of the semi-professional clubs in England, Ashton United, wanted to recruit Haaland for 28 days.

The club, which plays in the Northern Premier League, even seriously submitted a loan offer to City so that Haaland could play for them first.

“That really makes sense. City are not playing and we want to help keep Erling fit. More useful than him playing golf for six weeks,” Ashton United manager Michael Clegg said on the club’s official website .

“We think he’ll be a great addition to that and fit well into our squad.”

Due to this news, Ashton United’s official website was down while trying to access it and till now there has been no further response from Manchester City.


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