This cable will be bundled with the iPhone 12 – finally!

A live photo of the new USB-C / Lightning cable, which will most likely come with the iPhone 12 line, has appeared on the web.

Photos here and below: @laobaiTD / Twitter

Judging by the leaked images, the source of which was insider with the nickname “Mr White”, the cable will have a braided nylon braid that resembles fabric in structure. This design is expected to be much more durable than Apple’s standard rubber-coated cables, which tend to wear out quickly around the edges.

In addition, the coating of the contacts is likely to change, which will receive ruthenium sputtering, due to which the complete cables will be less susceptible to corrosion. In combination with a nylon braid, this gives hope that the new wires will live an order of magnitude longer than the classic ones.

how notes MacRumors, Apple has never offered braided cables for the iPhone before, while Cupertinos have a branded braided Thunderbolt Pro cable, the black USB-C to Lightning cable that ships with the Mac Pro, and a braided power cable for HomePod.

According to earlier rumors, the updated USB-C / Lightning cable may become the only complete accessory – a number of insiders reported that EarPods and a power adapter with new iPhones will have to be purchased separately.

Earlier, an employee of the British operator revealed the date of the presentation of the iPhone 12:

An employee of the British operator revealed the date of the presentation of the iPhone 12

An employee of one of the UK operators shared information with MacRumors about the upcoming Apple event in the fall.

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