this beautiful shot of his partner and their son Marceau on vacation!

Claude has participated several times in Koh-Lanta but he will remember The Island of Heroes forever. Indeed, the candidate had learned very good news while he was on the set of the tele-hook.

Virginie, his companion, had told him that she was pregnant of her second child and he had been very moved. ” Learning that you are going to be a dad on the other side of the world, it will remain a memorable moment He said on the show.

Claude, very motivated in Koh-Lanta

Nevertheless, this announcement had above all pushed him to scramble in Koh-Lanta and to go as far as possible. Claude put some full view to viewers and he managed to make it to the final.

The candidate did not win last season of Koh-Lanta but it has become more popular than ever. He marked the spirits with his outspokenness as well as his great physical capacities. Since then, it has been present everywhere and fans got to see him recently in Fort-Boyard.

This beautiful shot of his partner and his son

The hero of Koh-Lanta hope to redo the show one day on TF1 in order to take revenge. In the meantime, he is enjoying his holidays in the Alps with his family and he goes on numerous hikes with his partner and their children. He takes the time to take care of his family and Claude is above all very close to the youngest, Marceau.

Virginie gave birth several months ago and the child is doing wonderfully. Moreover, while hiking, Claude’s companion did not hesitate to strike a pose with her child. Thus, on an Instagram photo, we find her from behind while she looks at the landscape and we can especially see Marceau’s face.

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Claude’s son is adorable to his mom and he’s grown up. The candidate of Koh-Lanta is always very discreet and generally avoids exposing your children too much on social networks. Even though he has become known, he values ​​their privacy.

His children of the next adventurers of Koh-Lanta?

The photo of Virginie with Marceau made the web crackle and Internet users agree that the baby is “tcabbage rop“. In addition, it would seem that he already looks a lot like his big brother, Andrea.

The family vacations are going wonderfully for Claude and he is very active. The ex candidate of Koh-Lanta cross the France and he introduces his children to the benefits of nature. Moreover, his son, Andréa, is very happy to be able to spend a few moments with his father. Father and son do not hesitate to challenge each other when hiking and Andréa follows in her father’s footsteps.

The latter is already a great sportsman and he imagines himself becoming a ” adventurer of Koh-Lanta » he said in a video. The succession therefore seems assured and Claude can sleep soundly!

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