This Beautiful Girl Was Proposed With A Dowry Of 200 Camels


NEW DELHI – Indira Gupta, the original beautiful girl India , admitted to being offered wedding dowry expensive but unusual to be willing to be a man’s wife. But he refused because he claimed not to know how to care for camels.

Yes, the girl who works as model it was proposed with an unusual dowry of 200 camels. Gupta says she is used to being offered expensive gifts and offerings when male fans try and secure her as a wife.

“I was wondering where I would keep so many camels after receiving the dowry of 200 camels for the wedding,” he was quoted as saying by Daily Star, Thursday (11/11/2021).

Around the world, it is not uncommon for a woman’s family to be offered money as a dowry. In the west the practice was common until the 1900s.

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However, Ishita refuses all money offerings to marry her.

“I am against arranged marriages, we should marry for love. And for me, this is not the time.”

The model runs a ranch for rescued animals where she owns horses, rabbits, cows and more. Even so, he didn’t want to own hundreds of camels.

“I have no interest in camels, although I love all animals, camels are a species that deserve better care, I don’t have much experience.”

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