Thirunal to Thiruthi Marthmariam Phorona Palli: Nattu Visesham

Thirunal in the church of Thiruthi Marthmariam Forona

Friday 19 August 2022 23:32 IST

Thiruthy: The Holy Mass in the Church of Marthmariam Phorona The Darshan of the strictures will get started on the 25th.
On the 25th at 4.50 pm the Vicar P. will consume Fr. Aromalu, the priest of the parish of Anchin Nni Kunnuparanpil, Fr. Thomas Mangalath, Fr. Saju Punnathur, Fr. Arun Porukkara, Fr. Joseph Nedum Paranpil, Fr. Christo Neryamparanpil, Fr. Mathew Marra Tukkalam, Fr. Joseph Platanam, Fr. Varghese Panachi Nkal, Fr. Subin Puthanpurikkal, Fr. Joseph Ko Chitra, Fr. Andrews Kunnath is a group sacrifice that will pay out off. 18:30 Early funeral celebration and stop by to the cemetery.

Holy Mass on the 26th at 6:15 am and at 4.45 pm on the 27th At 4.45 pm the priest of the Capuchin Higher education, Holy Communion of the South in Karmikava. Close to 6:15 pm
6:15 am on the principal working day, 28 Kurbana, Raza Kurbana at 10. Mass at 4:30 pm Fr. Gregory Onam Kulam will be the protagonist. 6:30 Thirunal Pradakshina. Retain elevating the flag, the sky is stunning.

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