Third success for C’Chartres Rugby, in Domont

The C’Chartres Rugby has long been abused, this Sunday, October 11, in Domont (Val-d’Oise). But he finished very strong to escape a defeat and thus achieve the pass of three with a 42-27 success.

In this meeting, Ludovic Mercier’s team spent most of their time battling shoulder to shoulder with their opponent. Not very convincing when it was necessary to combine, she relied on Hemery’s foot to stay in the game (17-12 at the break).

Chartres is doing well against La Baule

But the CCR was able to accelerate in the last ten minutes, where it notably passed two tries from Diallo and Legrand to its opponent, to win with character.

After victories against Plaisir and La Baule, the Euréliens are therefore continuing their clear round in this start of the championship before hosting Surgères next week, Sunday 18 October.

Domont (Val-d’Oise).
C’Chartres Rugby beats Domont 42 to 27 (halftime: 17-12). Referee: M. Gauzins. Spectators: 400.
Domont : 2E Thebault (25), Dramé (79); 5P Dufau (11, 20, 36, 40, 65); 1T Rouget (79).
C’Chartres Rugby : 3E Zié (53), Diallo (75), Legrand (80 + 2); 7P Hemery (2, 7, 16, 33, 60, 68, 74); 3T Hemery (53, 75, 80 + 2). Yellow card: Body (25)
XV of the CCR: Turpin (Touchard, 51 ‘), Lamata, Corps (Boussetta, 51e) – Tematafaarere (Legrand, 51’), Ben – Nkoy, Hamzaoui (Varon, 3 ‘), Diallo – Galopin, Hemery – Martel, Delana, Veimosoi, Zié – Morau.


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