Third dead by coronavirus in Italy Abroad

In total, more than 130 people in northern Italy were infected with the virus, which first broke out in the Chinese province of Hubei at the end of last year. Italy is the hardest hit of all European countries.

Locked villages

Because of the virus, several villages in northern Italy are locked. The government announced special measures on Sunday to prevent the virus from spreading. According to Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, these will remain in force for a few weeks. “In zones that are seen as hotspots, special permission must be granted before people are allowed to come or go,” he said at a press conference. Eleven municipalities are starting to notice this, especially in Lombardy and neighboring Veneto. Schools and businesses also have to close there.

The head of the civil protection service, Angelo Borrelli, said on Sunday that thousands of places have been arranged for people who need to be in quarantine or sick. They can be accommodated in army barracks or hotels.

Surrounding countries such as Switzerland, Austria and Germany are concerned about the virus in Italy and keep an eye on the situation.

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