Thionville. Why is the construction of a new crematorium necessary?

Among the thirty-four points of the last municipal council, that relating to the construction of a new crematorium appears to be the most substantial. Firstly because it is equipment that has become necessary for an agglomeration the size of Thionville which records more than 1,100 deaths per year (and 1,400 in the last two years due to Covid). Then because the municipality has all the same earmarked €6.5 million (excluding project management) to provide itself with a service that meets the expectations of the population.

Sustained demand

Moreover, the Thionvilloises families are not the only ones to use the crematorium. “Today, out of ten deaths, there are six or seven requests for cremation. People come from everywhere and also from neighboring countries (Luxembourg and Germany), because our rates are more attractive,” notes civil status assistant Pierre Alix. The elected even believes that the price of the service in Thionville “is the lowest in all of Lorraine”. So the requests are pouring in.

Faced with this observation, the municipality therefore decided to invest.

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Adapted services

A plot of almost fifty ares has been identified on the Chemin des Déportés-et-Résistants, behind the Saint-François cemetery and a stone’s throw from the municipal greenhouses. The building will offer twelve presentation rooms, two body treatment rooms, a 200 m² ceremony room, another 70 m² and three cremation lines with independent filtration. An administrative area has been planned for the staff (offices, changing rooms and toilets, etc.), as is the parking lot for people going to the ceremonies.

Under these conditions, the price list will logically be revised upwards, but this subject of discussion will come back to the municipal council later.

Unique detail: the project will be equipped with a heat recovery system that will supply the neighboring municipal greenhouses.

The call for tenders for the design, production and technical maintenance market will be launched in the coming days. The very first stage of a project that will span thirty-six months.

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