Thionville. He sends 2,500 pages of denigrating emails and text messages to his ex: the convicted stalker in his forties

The couple has been separated since 2016. The mother left the home, the judge gave her custody of the four children. And the father obviously did not support it. First, he did not pay the pension contributing to the education of the siblings. At the time, he was working in the Grand Duchy. “As she was already receiving the allowances from Luxembourg, it was not worth it,” maintains the father, six years later.

“The pension is not a gift that you make to Madame. If you do not agree with the amount, you must seize the judge, ”recalls the president of the correctional court of Thionville. The attitude adopted by the father is a crime: it is a matter of abandonment of the family. This is not the only offense charged against this 41-year-old man. He is also being prosecuted for harassing his ex and sending malicious messages to his parents. Investigators have compiled 2,500 pages of emails and text messages where he denigrates the mother of his children, insults her, reveals her privacy. Messages also sent to the school principal, neighbors, friends, family doctor…

“It’s called revenge”

“I missed my children”, he justifies at the bar of the Thionville court before which he was presented in mid-January 2022. Tall, bald, fluorescent jacket, the defendant poses as a victim, talks a lot about him. “Nobody disputes the difficulty of the situation, Sir”, cuts the president of the court. “But once the machine is launched, it is you who decides how things go”, sums up the magistrate.

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“It’s called revenge. The verbal abuse goes beyond what we can tolerate,” said the public prosecutor.

“Are you aware that by rotting the life of their mother, you also rot that of your children? “, challenges the lawyer of the mother. She left the region to go to the Doubs before joining the Bordeaux sector with the little ones. She came to attend the trial, accompanied by her parents.

“We are in the caricature of a difficult separation”, notes the defense lawyer. He explains that his client did not take steps to settle the problem of custody and support, it was because he was going through a severe depression. The council welcomes the good evolution of the situation, the visits which have resumed and the journeys now shared with the mother to see the children.

He received a six-month suspended prison sentence. He will have to pay 1,500 euros to his ex-companion in compensation for his moral damage, and 500 euros to each of his parents.

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