Thinker about action with vaccination blender for pregnant women: ‘Ridiculous but necessary’

The blender in question, also called the vaccination blender on social media, is the Vacublend. Duisterwinkel normally sells this blender through its company Versapers for 399 euros. He admits that the sale of the Vacublend is not going well. That’s why he went looking for a way to bring the thing to the attention. “We had some stock left and then I thought: why don’t we give it away,” he says.

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Then he went looking for a group to whom he wanted to give it away. That became a hundred pregnant women who did not want to have themselves and their children vaccinated. “I feel best about that, it needs attention,” he says. His own child is therefore not vaccinated.

“Commotion expected”
And the attention came in large numbers. MPs and doctors clearly made themselves heard, because they think it is a bizarre action. “I did expect the commotion. There is a group that thinks the vaccinations are fantastic and there are people who know more about it and who do not think vaccinations are a good idea,” says Duisterwinkel, who co-operated the campaign with Eva van Zeeland from Miss Natural Lifestyle. from Valkenswaard.

He emphasizes once again that he realizes that it is a striking action by linking the discussion about vaccination to giving away a blender. “We bring this in a banal way, but it is a serious topic. It feels good to do it that way, because many people do not know what is in the vaccines.”

And although he did expect the commotion, Duisterwinkel says he is impressed by all the reactions. He also hopes that, despite much criticism, there will also be positive promotion. “I have thought about this for a long time. It had been in my mind for half a year and I started looking for a good partner.” That became Eva van Zeeland, through whom the campaign came out this week.

‘Dozens of registrations’
Dozens of women have reported to Versapers since last Monday. Duisterwinkel cannot announce exact numbers on Wednesday. “We are about half that hundred, but I don’t know exactly.” Yet that number is disappointing for him. “I had hoped that it would be ready immediately and that all those hundred places would be filled immediately.” You can still register until 1 February.

The RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) calls the campaign ‘not okay’. They have reported to the Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate. He says that they have received the signals, look at them and give feedback to RIVM.

Eva van Zeeland from Miss Natural Lifestyle in Valkenswaard fully supports the promotion. She calls the whooping cough vaccine, the only vaccination that pregnant women can recently get free of charge from the government, a cocktail full of harmful substances. The vaccine was also not investigated.

However, the RIVM explicitly denies that:


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