Things that Don’t Make Sense Prevent the Corona Covid-19 Virus, Jakarta – Coronavirus pandemic Covid-19 contributed to the pubic panic. Some of the community even did things that were not included to protect themselves from Covid-19.

Not infrequently, this senseless thing can actually be dangerous and threatens the safety of life. The appearance of this unreasonable behavior was accompanied by widespread hoaxes about Covid-19.

One of them is about consuming cow urine and dung which is claimed to protect themselves from the corona virus.

This claim originally came from the Indian politician, Suman Haripriya. He claims cow urine and dirty cows can be used to treat the corona virus Covid-19.

However, based on Health Analytic Asia, these claims are false and have no scientific basis.

Apart from claims about cow urine and dung, there are various other strange behavior things that are claimed to protect yourself from Covid-19. The following are summarized by Fact Check:

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