Thierry Baudet torches hypocritical Wopke Hoekstra: “Hypocrite, empty phrases, hot air!”

Thierry Baudet has reacted strongly to the speech that Wopke Hoekstra gave yesterday at the CDA congress. Where the party leader of the Christian Democrats hoped “to bring things together” with a meaningless, empty story, Baudet is unrelenting. “In short, it’s all hypocritical bullshit, marketing language. Empty phrases, hot air,” he rightly sums up the speech.

the speech

Yesterday at the CDA conference, Wopke Hoekstra gave a ridiculous, meaningless speech that could have been given by any party leader before him. It was about “shared norms and values,” there was some criticism of the “anything goes society,” it was about compassion, fair government, and so on. In short, it was a huge nonsense story that had no connection at all with the dealings of the CDA in practice. Watch:

“We are the party of values ​​and standards. Our society has reached a hyper-individualized point in history. A society with a lot of ‘I’, and very little ‘we’. Our shared values ​​and norms are a response to today’s ‘anything must be done’ mentality. Precisely because we are convinced that a person only comes into his own in relation to another,” says Wopke.

This of course seems stolen from Jan Peter Balkenende in the period 2000-2010. And maybe it is. Then it made no sense considering the practice, but that’s all right now. You can laugh about it at best.

Thierry baudet

That does Thierry baudet from Forum for Democracy so also to this speech by Wopke Hoekstra. Because, Baudet rightly makes clear, Hoekstra can talk about inclusiveness and the like, but in the meantime his party does not want to do business with PVV and FVD; parties that together represent about 1.6 million Dutch people.

“All that talk about inclusiveness and beyond one’s own right and stuff, but then exclude 1 in 6 Dutch people and don’t even want to allow FVD / PVV to formation discussions at all,” said Baudet. He therefore concludes: “In short, it is all hypocritical bullshit, marketing language. Hollow phrases, hot air.”

Nothing to argue with

That’s how it is. There is really nothing to argue with. The CDA that presents itself as the party of inclusiveness, as the party of “norms and values” is downright laughable. If there is one party that nothing has to do with those kinds of terms then it’s CDA. See not only how they treat PVV and FVD, but also how they publicly describe Pieter Omtzigt with a knife in the back have stabbed.

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In short, the CDA is a disgusting party. Hypocritical to the core. They don’t get any worse than that batch. Well, except D66. That part is, if possible, even more false.

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