Thiem detracts from Federer: “The GOAT will be the one with the most Grand Slams”

02/06/2023 at 10:47


The Austrian believes that the best tennis player in history should be judged by the number of Grand Slams won, which would exclude the Swiss

“Let’s be honest, Djokovic is the best now, he looks like he was 25 years old, so his victory in Australia did not surprise me,” said the tennis player.

Dominic Thiem he hopes 2023 will be his year. The Austrian tennis player confessed that he hopes to recover his level after he had to face a difficult draw at the Australian Open that did not allow him to progress.

ThiemApart from his personal objectives, he reviewed the present and entered into the debate of who is the best in history. In his opinion, he believes that he should be judged by the number of Grand Slams won, which would prevent him from Roger Federerwith 20 grand before his retirement, could qualify to be considered the largest. Thiem He made his position clear: “In my opinion, the Grand Slam titles should be the criteria to determine who is the best of all time, they are the four most important tournaments in tennis. The rest of the achievements are fine, but it is not what The Grand Slams are the ones that count, so the GOAT is possibly the tennis player with the most Grand Slams“.

Thiem He assured that he was not surprised by Djokovic’s triumph in Australia and believes that the Serbian is the best tennis player today: “I am not surprised with what he has done DjokovicHe still looks young. Physically and mentally, because of how she moves on the court. He looks like he was 25 years old. Let’s be honest, he’s the best, so his win didn’t surprise me.”

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The Austrian also assured that despite his weak Open the Australia He hopes to recover his best version: “I think I can return to the top of tennis. Not yet, but it is one of the reasons why I continue playing, to remain competitive and return to that level. In Australia I had a difficult draw and a small injury, but I’m already recovered. I’m happy with the first Grand Slam of the year”.

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