Thibaut Courtois kicks off his bachelor party in Budapest after the end of Real Madrid’s season

Real Madrid played its last league match of the season against Athletic Bilbao last Sunday, and since the royal guard was no longer interested in the Champions League (Manchester City and Internazionale clash in Saturday’s final), the Spanish players could already start the summer their vacation. So did the team’s goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, whose first trip led to Hungary. The Belgian football player first logged in on his Instagram page from aboard a private plane, and in the comment attached to the photo, he revealed that he was on his way to his bachelor party with his friends. And in the next photo, only the celebrant himself is smiling at the camera in Budapest, with the Saint Stephen’s Basilica in the background.

The goalkeeper of Real Madrid is in Budapest. Source: Instagram/thibautcourtois

Last summer, Thibaut Courtois got engaged to the Israeli model, Mishel Gerzig, with whom he has been dating for almost two years.

Cover photo: Thibaut Courtois and his fiancee, Michel Gerzig, at the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix in May 2023 (Photo: AFP/Nurphoto/Alessio Morgese)

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