They will reopen businesses, including gyms and salons

  • Georgia to reopen some businesses after coronavirus crisis
  • The first to reopen will be gyms and beauty salons
  • The governor confirmed the news.

Businesses such as gyms, beauty salons, hairdressers and some bowling alleys will be able to reopen their doors starting this Friday in Georgia, after the crisis of coronavirus that has affected the entire country.

This was announced by the Governor of Georgia, the Republican Brian Kemp, as reported by the newspaper The Hill.

Kemp He said businesses should stagger shifts, keep workspaces six feet away, and screen workers for respiratory illnesses and fevers.

Workers may also have to wear masks and gloves when “appropriate”.

Theaters, private social clubs, and restaurants may reopen on April 27 and must follow the same rules.

But bars and clubs will remain closed.

The stay at home order expires April 30, although older people and people with underlying health conditions that put them at risk for severe COVID-19 are recommended to stay on their homes until May 13.

“By taking this step, we will get Georgians back to work safely without undermining the progress we have all made in this battle against COVID-19,” Kemp said at a press conference.

Most states have closed nonessential businesses to stem the spread of the coronavirus and prevent the influx of patients from overwhelming the healthcare system.

Kemp’s announcement follows President Trump’s decision last week to issue guidelines for states to begin lifting the restrictions.

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“Georgians who own small businesses have common sense, and we trust that they will use it,” Kemp said.

The governor said he is comfortable allowing some companies to open due to “favorable data,” improved testing and approval by state health officials.

According to data published by The Hill, more than 18,000 people in Georgia have tested positive for the coronavirus, while 726 deaths have been reported in the state.

Just last April 8, Governor Brian Kemp had said he planned to extend Georgia’s state of emergency for another month as coronavirus deaths and infections continued to rise across the state.

Kemp intended to renew the public health emergency until May 13: “This measure will allow us to continue deploying resources for communities in need, support front-line medical providers, and continue to prepare for a possible increase in patients at our facilities.” of medical attention ”.

Last month, state lawmakers granted Kemp temporary emergency powers and allowed the governor to renew them without calling the entire legislature for a vote.

Several lawmakers have tested positive for the virus since their last meeting. House Speaker David Ralston and Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan, who chairs the state Senate, issued statements in support of the extension.

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