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They will place an advertising poster in Kissimmee with a photo of Trump throwing paper rolls at Puerto Ricans

Orlando – The Florida Democratic Party will deploy a billboard in the area of ​​Kissimmee on Monday showing the image of the president Donald Trump throwing paper towels to Puerto Ricans, as a reminder of the management that his administration gave the Island after the disaster caused by the hurricane Maria two years ago.

That collective revealed to The new day tonight that the announcement is placed days after the visit of the Republican Vice President Mike Pence Kissimmee and is deployed at a time when Puerto Rico is going through another crisis caused by a series of earthquakes that have caused damage to residences, schools, road infrastructure and that keeps hundreds of families overnight in the open.

Next to the image of Trump appears the phrase “FORBIDDEN FORGET”.

Kissimmee is one of the most important cities in Osceola County, a Floridian jurisdiction with the highest concentration of Puerto Rican population. In fact, it is estimated that the Puerto Rican population in that county increased by 22% after the passage of the cyclone due to the number of Puerto Ricans who moved to this southern state.

The billboard will be located at the corner of the Turnpike highway going south and SR 528 (before the Orange Blossom Trail exit). It can be seen during the visit of Vice President Pence and will be available from Monday to Sunday.

According to a survey by the Florida International University (FIU) in 2018, less than 17% of Puerto Ricans in Florida supported Trump. However, this is not something that the Democrats celebrate at all since, although they can vote easily by simply moving to the United States, Puerto Ricans have shown a shy response when registering as voters and participating in elections.

When our brothers in Puerto Rico needed President Trump’s help, he only worried about throwing them paper rolls instead of giving them the federal assistance they needed. Donald Trump is more interested in tweeting insults to his enemies than in solving the problems facing our communities such as insurance prices, protecting jobs and attacking climate change“, said Juan Peñalosa, executive director of the Democratic Party in Florida.

“This fence is part of our effort to expose the lies, broken promises and incompetence of President Trump. We deserve a president that improves our lives, and Trump is not the one for that, ”he added.



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