They will perform participatory theater on the dictatorship and invite you to donate objects of the time

February 3: Celebration? is a theatrical presentation that will take place in February under the direction of the Spanish-Argentine actor Mario Vedoya, who was responsible for the renowned play Tenderness, nominated for several awards and also performed by the theatrical cast Lampium.

The work is an innovative proposal that consists of artistically intervening an entire physical space, which in this case will be the Casa Alamanda in the Obrero neighborhood of Ciudad del Este, reported Ultima Hora journalist Wilson Ferreira.

A total of 12 stations will be created from the sidewalk to the back of the courtyard, which will address aspects of the strongest dictatorship through what is called “theater of objects”.

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“It would be a theater of objects, something similar to the theater of dolls, where attention is focused on a material, the actors are not the protagonists, the story is transmitted through an object that is given life, this object has a enormous symbolic load that is linked to other aspects such as the facilities of the place and the people who will attend the functions ”, explained the playwright Mario Vedoya in a statement.

Between the stations the play will be presented Flor de Lis, written by Esteña actress Lisa Vecca, which addresses the sexual abuse of girls, adolescents and adult women during the dictatorship.

The object donation campaign

The artistic presentation has among its objectives the reconstruction of historical memory, with the participation of citizens. It could even become, in addition, a cultural tourist attraction in the Triple Border region.

As part of the pre-production stage, the campaign to collect objects and citizen stories from the times of the dictatorship is carried out. People who wish to tell stories, anecdotes or memories about life in dictatorial times in Alto Paraná can contact us at (0983) 590-644. The source will be respected, in case anonymity is preferred.

“The presence of art and the community is not only necessary, but the fusion of both is also necessary to form a better society,” said Raquel Barreiro, El Puente’s cultural coordinator.

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Regarding the donation of objects, interested persons can contact Jessica Gabriáguez at (0985) 207-812 or write a private message on the Lampium – Cast Theater Facebook page.

Donations can consist of old newspapers and photocopies, red cellophane, old shoes, wires, hooks, burlap cloth, support pipes, printed letters and / or old photographs, old sheets, aniline (red, white and blue), used dolls , sprays (red, white and blue), nylon threads, thick needles, 5l acrylic paint, purple, canvas, red lighthouse, worn strings, Barbies or other dolls, translucent fabric, old chairs and white burlap bags .

The functions are scheduled for next February, the precise dates and the cost of the tickets will be communicated in the following days. This project has the support of the Municipality of Ciudad del Este.



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