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Unlike the Villarino police officers, who erased most of the communications from their phones, Facundo Astudillo Castro’s ex-girlfriend made him available spontaneously; Not now that the forced disappearance of the young man is in the media and in federal justice, but the investigation has just begun, more than a hundred days ago. Daiana González and Cristina Castro did not have the best of relationships, however the family said that their attitude was one of permanent collaboration in the search for their ex-partner, providing their telephone number without modifying its content and giving a statement on several occasions. In the letter rejecting the arrest of the Villarino police officers who were with Facundo the day he disappeared, April 30, federal prosecutor Santiago Ulpiano Martínez admitted that “the ex-girlfriend of the disappeared young man suffered illegal constraints from Buenos Aires policemen.” , and issued a complaint for the fact to be investigated by the provincial justice.

Martínez sent proceedings to the provincial justice; They fell on the prosecutor Marcelo Romero Jardín, of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) No. 8 in Bahia, and Leila Scavarda, of the UFI No. 12, which has jurisdiction in Villarino, Punta Alta, Saavedra, Tornquist and Puán.

“This is how they dismember the file with a case here and another there, when in reality those episodes are part of the illicit association to cover up the crime we are denouncing. Once again, what the prosecutor does is a trap, open a parallel case only weakens the main investigation to find out where he is and what happened to Facundo, “lawyer Leandro Aparicio told Page 12. This happened during the first stage of the case, when a “whereabouts investigation” was being investigated by the prosecutor Dimas García and others who were passing through, when the Bonaerenses officers threatened Astudillo Castro’s ex-girlfriend, Daiana González, and her brother to force the confession of some crime that they had not committed, in addition to the illegal search of his house in Bahía Blanca.

Even so, they could not obtain anything in their eagerness to manufacture the much-talked about “other hypothesis” based on Facundo’s absence as a result of a problem with his former partner and his environment. They even go further because they speak of “narco”. “Here the drug traffickers are elsewhere, the eventual consumption of one or two people has nothing to do with what they wanted to install,” Aparicio had said in Rivadavia Square last week, when a local media returned to the charge with that ” version”.

“On June 15, the policemen Grilloni and Dumrauf go to Bahía Blanca to pressure Facundo’s ex-girlfriend and his brothers, harassing them to recognize the existence of a crime against Facundo,” reads the brief of the private complaint when describing the phases of the cover-up, and refers to page 146 of the file.

As well as federal judge María Gabriela Marrón when reading the dialogues published yesterday by this newspaper
He interpreted that the police officers involved were “nervous” because the media began to give their names, the prosecutor understood that the policemen Grilloni and Dumrauf went to Bahía Blanca and destroyed Daiana’s house “in their eagerness to find the missing person.” The prosecutor Santiago Ulpiano Martínez, whose second challenge will be analyzed in a hearing by Zoom tomorrow with federal judge María Gabriela Marrón, wrote that “a brother even ‘agreed’ – under obvious coercion from the agents – to enter his address and register the property in their search. Such a procedure was conferred more with the will to find it, rather than with the intention of hiding its forced disappearance. At least that is what appears at first sight. ” They took Daiana’s other brother to Villarino, they kept him waiting for an hour at the police station and then they took him to a room where they “squeezed him,” in legal terms, he suffered “illegal constraints.”

The testimonial statements of Daiana González and her brothers of the girl show something very different. The young woman gave testimony for the last time on July 21, and confirmed that she was pressured by policemen Dumrauf and Grillón to incriminate her in the crime. “The girl has nothing to do with the disappearance, and once again La Brújula is spreading private material of her to dirty her at this very moment,” the lawyer Aparicio had said that day of the statement, as published Page 12


“The harassment narrated by the witnesses, clearly criminal, which gave rise to the pertinent instruction requirement and for which -in his case- the numeraries will have to respond criminally, seemed rather an action aimed at clearing the cloak of suspicion with which they were covered as a result of the disappearance of Facundo, “was expressed in the statement from the federal prosecutor’s office. In other words, for Martínez, the uniformed men tortured Daiana and his brothers to clear up doubts about their participation in the event and find Kufa, as they called Facundo. “The ex-girlfriend clearly expressed that the insistent question they asked him was about Astudillo’s whereabouts; The pressures and humiliations to which she was subjected – along with her brother – were oriented more towards finding him. In any case, she agreed with what the complaint said that they demanded ‘that they acknowledge the existence of a crime against Facundo’, but in the sense of whether they -the witnesses- had done something to her, or if they knew what could have happened, “said the questioned prosecutor. “You have to be twisted, this is the level of perversion that we are facing, they turn even the most obvious,” said Cristina Castro.

The Federal Police report on what they were able to rescue from the telephones transcribes each of the dialogues in chronological order and between one and the other phrases such as “send link that was deleted” or “send audio and image to which they cannot be accessed because they were deleted. ” The justice will determine if any of them incriminate them, but it is clear that what they eliminated is evidence and at least they could have summoned them to explain what is missing and why they destroyed almost all of the messages between them and their bosses. The attitude of Facundo’s ex-girlfriend was in the antipodes from minute zero of the case, and even so she suffered harassment from the Buenos Aires woman who, for the Castro family, sought to incriminate her and for the prosecutor Martínez it was an “overacting in the honest search” .

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