They will carry out an oncology day for health teams

Activity will take place on Friday, February 4 and is organized by the Municipality of Paillaco together with the Sumemos Salud Corporation and sponsored by the Base Hospital of Valdivia.

In order to contribute to the investigation and opportune diagnosis, an oncology session will be held in the commune of Paillaco aimed at Primary Health Care teams. The activity will take place on Friday, February 4, within the framework of World Cancer Day and is organized by the Municipality of Paillaco, in conjunction with the Sumemos Salud Corporation and sponsored by the Valdivia Base Hospital (HBV).

Dr. Miguel Ángel Carrasco, mayor of Paillaco.

On this initiative, the mayor, Dr. Miguel Ángel Carrasco, valued that there are organizations to fight against this pathology, mainly from the citizen path.

“The health discussion of the last two years has revolved around Covid-19 and its consequences, for this reason, together with the Sumemos Salud Corporation, we have emphasized the realization of this oncological day, where there will be a reflection from different perspectives together with officials and APS officials. It is necessary to put emphasis on health issues as dangerous as cancer and educate ourselves in its prevention and timely diagnosis “, detailed the communal authority.

María Soledad Ojeda, president of Corporación Sumemos Salud.

In this regard, the president of the Sumemos Salud Corporation, Soledad Ojeda, stressed that “we have to work together from all areas to stop this other pandemic, that of cancer. It is the first cause of death in our country and we thank the mayor of Paillaco, Dr. Miguel Ángel Carrasco for his concern, for understanding that this has to be a priority because it is affecting us, it is killing us. And also to value the contribution of the outstanding exhibitors of our region that will participate in the day”, he pointed out.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world, being detected mostly at an advanced stage.

In Chile, in 2016, cancer was the second cause of death, registered only after cardiovascular diseases, and by 2023 it is expected to be the main one.

The cancers with the highest mortality and incidence in Chile in men are stomach, prostate and lung, while in women they are breast, lung and gallbladder and bile ducts.


The activity -aimed at health professionals- has the collaboration of Roche Chile and the Costanera Clinic of Valdivia.

The program includes:

– Presentation by the head of the Cancer Department of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Paula Escobar.

– Valdivia Hospital, High Complexity Oncology Center, Dr JUan Carlos Bertoglio, HBV director.

– “Breast cancer and regional reality”, by midwife Mabel Ríos from the HBV Breast Pathology Unit.

“Cervical uterine cancer”, Dr. Emil Schneider, gynecologist and breast surgeon.

-Testicular cancer, Dr. Luis Ebel, HBV urologist and director of the Chilean Society of Urology.

-The importance of imaging in oncology, Dr Carlos Olmos, HBV radiologist

-Advances in cancer treatments, Dr Hernán Letelier, oncologist and Vice President of the Chilean Society of Radiotherapy Oncology.

-Therapeutic patient education 2.0, nurse Angélica Hernández, specialist educator in psycho-oncology and NGOs.

The event is aimed at primary care teams and health professionals in the region, and will take place between approximately 9:00 and 1:00 p.m. at the Casona Cultural El Llolly. Spaces are limited, a mobility pass will be required from those attending and registration for both modalities can be made at or in the mail [email protected]

Activity was organized by the Corporación Sumemos Salud de Valdivia in order to contribute to the prevention and early detection of breast and cervical cancer.

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Also, given the experience, they ask that the disease be addressed comprehensively, including mental health care.

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Dr. Hernán Letelier, Vice President of the Chilean Society of Radiotherapy Oncology, also highlighted the need to continue consolidating high complexity centers.

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A local organization, which is part of the Association of Oncological Groups of Chile, states that the suspension of the service and the lack of timely mammograms will have a negative impact.

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Initiative benefited patients from Los Ríos, La Araucanía and Santiago.

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Mammogram performed in 2018 presented a finding (Birads 3) . Family will present legal action for possible negligence that occurred in the Corral commune.

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Today marks the World Day for the prevention of this disease.

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They ask to execute a special care plan for cancer patients and value a study on cancer and the media.

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Self-examination, professional consultation and mammography are key to detecting the disease in time

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Yesterday an initiative was enacted that includes labor protection for patients.

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