They will apply the second vaccine against Covid-19 to children tomorrow, in Apan – El Sol de Hidalgo

APAN, Hgo – The facilities of the Higher Technological Institute of the East of the State of Hidalgo (ITESA), will be the site for the administration of the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to people from five to eleven for the second consecutive day years, to which the organic will be administered with an agenda established based on their address.

The day against Sars-Cov-2 and its variants will start tomorrow at eight in the morning and will end at 14:00.

Fernando Cuapantecatl, Head of Health, said that, at eight in the morning, the residents of Loma Bonita, Loma Bonita Extension, El Mirador, El Carmen, La Conchita and Vicente Guerrero will be received.

At nine the residents of Pilares de la Democracia, Chimalpa Tlalayote, Bosques del Chulco and Los Voladores will be received.

Those who live in the communities: La Laguna, Las Ventas, Lomas del Pedregal, Lomas de Tepeyac, San Francisco Marañón and La Virgencita, will be able to go to the school at ten in the morning.

From eleven o’clock, those residing in the localities of El Ciervo, San Pedro, Los Morales, Acopinalco, Tepetates, Fraccionamiento San Francisco, San Diego Tlazala Avilés and Los Quintos will be able to participate.

Residents of San Lucas, Santa Cruz, Guadalupe, Alcantarillas, Buenavista, Cocinillas and El Alcanfor are scheduled for noon.

In the second contingent, within this same timetable, those who live in El Tejón, San Miguel de las Tunas, Jagüeyes Cuates, La Curva, La Ermita, La Leona and Ojo de Agua.

Finally, he said, starting at one in the afternoon, those residing in San Juan Ixtilmaco, Hacienda Ocotepec, Lázaro Cárdenas, Malayerba and San José Jiquilpan will be received.

He stresses that interested parties must submit: printed vaccination card with QR code, proof of the first and second dose or Certificate of vaccination of the first dose, copy of the updated Unique Population Registry Key (CURP); proof of address and official identification.

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