they were left wanting to see a police officer repressing

The Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, commented that excesses that were registered yesterday in shops of the Historical Center They disguised themselves as a social protest, since all they wanted was to show the capital’s police repressing a mobilization.

“What they wanted is for the police to hit or push or do something against the people who made these gatherings yesterday, and sometimes it is very easy to say that the police come in, that the police do, but also that the police resist, they have their virtues, and yesterday they were left wanting to see a police officer repressing these people, “he said.

However, he stressed that the City government must work on schemes and protocols that allow, without repressing, without using at any time the police abuse, to stop some of the actions like those that were committed yesterday.

“We have to continue working on better protocols, better forms of police action, but at the same time there is no repression and some of the actions that were carried out yesterday are contained,” he said.

He stressed that during his administration there have been different actions by the Police in the various demonstrations, depending on what the objective is, how it moves and the strategies that are generated.

“What does the head of government say about what happened yesterday, there was no repression, that was what they were looking for and they did not have it, because we are building a police force that does its job against crime and also that respects human rights and that in the face of these acts that have this alleged halo of social protest, they also know how to act.

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“We have to develop schemes that help us attend to these actions in a better way, I agree, but what they were looking for yesterday to put the label of repressive police, the police also knew how to resist,” he said.

Regarding the absence of the security elements during violent acts and aggressions, the president commented that, “I do not agree that it is land without law, I would not classify it that way. Faced with these circumstances we have, we are designing better action protocols” .

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