They wanted to scam him by WhatsApp and he sent them an unmissable transfer receipt

A man discovered when they tried to scam him through WhatsApp and sent them a transfer receipt that left them speechless. The cybercriminals had hacked a friend’s account and pretended to be him.

“Today they tried to scam me with a friend’s WhatsApp, and since I was warned, I had fun for a while. (The last photo is the transfer receipt),” commented the user @pablomendivil.


The curious thing is that the criminals asked him for a fairly high sum to be a “simple favor”: $65,000. As she was aware of the situation, she pretended that she had made the requested transfer and sent him a receipt in which she revealed that she was already aware of the scam.


Users who saw the scam supported the victim and suggested that she file a complaint with the CABA Computer Crime Prosecutor’s Office, among other actions so that the attempted crime does not go unpunished.

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