They wanted a goat, now they have a dairy and a prized cheese

“I mowed the lawn with a lawn mower for two years. Then I wanted an animal that eats grass. I grew up at home on rabbits, but I didn’t want them, “recalled My forty-two-year-old Myška.

At first he thought of a sheep, he finally bought a goat in 2007 with his wife. “I thought the animal might be alone. But I read that the opposite is true. In addition, our goat also befriended a cat. When she was grazing, the cat was sitting on her back, “he recalls with a smile.

So that one goat would not be sad, they bought Myšek another, then another and another. In the end, they had 14 goats. Over time, however, they discovered that it was too much. They had breeding as a hobby, not a livelihood.

Today, a family of two teachers with seven children and nine cats keeps seven goats, a goat and three kids. “Six goats and a goat are Anglo-Cubian goats, one goat is a purebred Czech brown,” Myška presents her herd. Myšek’s milk has been processed since the first goat. “We were surprised that it was drinkable and tastier than cow’s,” the owner of the mini-farm insisted on the fact that goat’s milk smelled to many people.

“Apart from the fact that we drank goat’s milk normally, we also made cheese from it. But we had to learn everything from manuals and books. We went the way of trial and error, “added the farmer’s wife Pavel, who takes care of the cheese production. Initially, all cheeses were consumed or distributed in the family. Later, the circle of customers expanded to other acquaintances and colleagues from the school.

“We did everything in the kitchen. But over time, it became clear to us that we must either abolish it or build suitable premises. He can’t drip cheese in the hallway. So we took the family savings and built a mini-pharmacy, “Myška described, adding that today it produces several types of cheese.

I filled in the papers and sent samples…

“Fresh flavored goat or a range of flavors. One with dried garlic, the other with jalapeno peppers, another with chili, herbs, chives, pink pepper, black pepper and in spring with bear garlic. Sometimes we also make cottage cheese, but we do not offer it regularly. “

A few weeks ago, goat cheese with chives won the Regional Food of the Moravian-Silesian Region award. “They called me to say we had good cheeses. So I filled out the paperwork, sent the samples, and I didn’t even think about what it was all about. It was basically a mistake, “the farmer explained how their cheese came to the award.

Everything the family produces is sold directly from the house. People order cheese over the Internet and then pick it up in Albrechtičky. The only place where they deliver production are Healthy Foods at the Jiří Myron Theater in Ostrava. Myšek is not yet aware of whether the goat herd will expand and increase production again in the future.

“I am a teacher and I want to continue teaching. My wife is also a teacher, only currently in kindergarten. If children are interested, maybe. They are already milking over the holidays and helping with everything. Otherwise, we would be hard to prosecute, “added the farmer and the cantor in one.


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