“They used the seriously ill to bury Di Bella, but no one says the therapy worked” ▷ Dr. Brandi

They survived. For a little over a year, but they survived. Despite expired drugs, despite being now chemoresistant, patients underwent the verification trial of Method Of Bella in ’98, they had a much better life expectancy than before. Perhaps they could have asked for more, if as the Doctor says Rita Brandi, “It was not an infamous experimentation”.

Even the British Medical Journal he bothered to define it as “immoral”, and this is perhaps also the reason why the method carried out by Giuseppe Di Bella, together with the Di Bella Foundation, finds much more success in other shores than at home. The drugs used by the therapists of the Method are in fact documented and for all to see in world databases and platforms such as PubMed.Gov, certainly not heretical voices of medicine. Doctor Rita Brandi explains it better in this interview with our microphones.

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