They urge to donate blood in the face of loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic – Information – 01/10/2021

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The authorities of the National Blood System warn about the difficulties they experienced at the end of the year and at the beginning of 2021, and urge those people who are in a position to donate, to attend to do it. The objective of the authorities is to avoid affecting the National Blood Bank. In any case, the director of the National Blood Service, Lourdes Viano, explained to El País that at the moment there have been no cancellations of interventions due to lack of blood.

“We are experiencing a special January, in which a greater demand than the blood supply that we receive. In any case, it is important to clarify that we have prepared to work on the pandemic, taking extreme care and security measures, so that donors can do it without difficulties, “he said.

Those who are able to donate should enter the official page of the service,, to schedule assistance and minimize contact with other people.

“Januaries are always low months, but to that is added a number of regular donors who cannot do so because they are infected with COVID-19, or others who have to isolate themselves while waiting for results. It is a sum of things that reduces the universe of donors ”, said Viano.


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