They travel to Puebla to buy a car advertised on Facebook, but are robbed and their son is killed

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Puebla. An alleged criminal gang from Puebla killed 10-year-old Yael as he traveled with his family from Coscomatepec, in the central region of Veracruz, to Santa María Moyotzingo, Puebla, to buy a car offered in Facebook buying and selling groups. .

According to initial reports, on Tuesday, December 27 of this year, Yael accompanied her family to the state of Puebla to buy a used car which they found at a “very good price”, so they did not hesitate to travel. from Veracruz to get it.

Upon arrival at the agreed location in San Martín Texmelucan, Puebla, the family was confronted with a couple of individuals traveling on motorcycles, who were supposed to be the vendors; however, as reported, the alleged thieves approached the car Yael was traveling in and stole the purchase money from them.

The Veracruz family handed over the 5,000 pesos with which they were trying to buy the car, which they saw offered on Facebook, and two cell phones, according to reports on the facts; However, the driver did not realize that the car was still running, so the subjects would have known he was trying to escape, so they fired at them and one of the bullets hit Yael.

Subjects fled the site as Yael’s family asked for help in transferring him to an area hospital. So it was that they took him to the Hospital de Santa Ana Xalmimilulco, where a few minutes after his personal arrival at the hospital he confirmed his death.

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Due to the robbery of Yael’s family and murder, the ministerial authorities of the state of Puebla went to the scene and started the investigation, but so far nothing is known about the alleged perpetrators of the murder of 10-year-old minor Yael.

Local media have reported that this modus operandi, in which they lure buyers with affordable prices for more expensive cars, is being used by Puebla criminal gangs that allegedly operate in San Martín Texmelucan and Moyotzingo.

The municipality governed by Moranista Norma Layón has been attacked by these alleged gangs who, in recent months, have been looking for their victims on social networks such as Facebook. So far, a media count shows four people killed in the same manner as Yael.

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