They take down the voice of Stefan Danailov from a tape from 40 years ago for a song

Stefan Danailov’s voice will be taken down from a tape on which his song with Kristina Dimitrova “Picture for Love” was recorded about 40 years ago. The single will live a new life with the original performance of the Master, and Kristina Dimitrova will enter the studio to sing it again.

“Ivan Tenev, who is the author of the text, managed to find the tape in the Bulgarian National Radio. It was broadcast only once or twice “, says Igor Markovski, whose idea for the new recording of” Picture for Love “is. The ballad is to the music of Alexander Saveliev, and Stefan Danailov and Kristina Dimitrova performed the duet when she was still a student at the conservatory. The new version will have a slightly changed arrangement. Stefan Danailov’s voice will be transferred from the tape to digital media. Kristina Dimitrova is yet to enter the studio and sing her part, after which they will combine the two performances into a beautiful ballad. Like all tracks from Markovski’s project – “Singing Artists”, this single will have a video.

The premiere of the song will be on December 9, when the 80th anniversary of the birth of the great Stefan Danailov is celebrated.

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