They stop the application of a third dose of the covid vaccine to cancer patients


Israel retired this Sunday to the patients with Cancer from priority list for one third dose of the covid vaccines, giving reverse with a decision that he had applied a week ago.

Last Monday Israel had started to administer a third injection from Pfizer to patients with compromised immune systemsincluding people who have undergone transplants from heart, lung Y kidney and some cancer patients.

But on Sunday, the Health Ministry said that after reviewing the data of hundreds of patients from oncology wards, “the recommendation at this stage is not to vaccinate” cancer patients.

Almost 90 percent of the patients who received chemotherapy developed antibodies after (two doses of) vaccination, and the level of antibodies remained high for several months after the vaccine, “the ministry reported.

Pfizer and BioNTech have said they would ask US and European authorities for permission to administer a third dose of their vaccine, but European regulators say it is too early to know if it is necessary.

The World Health Organization has expressed concern that a booster shot such may occur at the expense of countries whose citizens have not yet received their first two doses.



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