They stole a jeep in 60 seconds in Plovdiv, they found it disassembled…

A Plovdiv resident said goodbye to his jeep in less than 60 seconds. He writes on social networks that his vehicle was stolen yesterday around 2 pm. The jeep was last seen in the area of ​​Hadji Dimitar Blvd. in the city under the hills.

The driver is asking for help and is asking anyone who spots her to report it to the police. His post is being shared at a rapid rate. Among the comments under the post there are also people who do not believe that the car was stolen. “It wasn’t picked up by a spider,” asks one, “Nobody’s going to put their head in a bag for this car,” commented another.

The police confirmed that “Maritsa” was responsible for the theft, and that the uniformed officers found the vehicle abandoned, again on the territory of the city. However, parts were missing. Pre-trial proceedings have been initiated in the case, the perpetrators are being sought.

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