They stock community refrigerators in Brooklyn

More vegetables and fruits arrive at the community refrigerator at Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn. And it is that in various neighborhoods of Brooklyn and around the city the need for food is still great.

At least 1.5 million people are estimated to have been food insecure, according to the food bank, City Harvest.

“This is very beneficial for the community because there are many people who lack food,” said a visitor to the community refrigerator.

Nata Andersen answers a message she received through the communication network of at least 30 volunteers who are dedicated to filling various refrigerators in South Brooklyn. They are part of the non-profit organization “One Love Community Fridge”.

“They tell her, we have milk in that location, or I don’t know how much and then she sends a message to the group, ‘hey who is available to pick up this food’ and someone is always going to offer,” Andersen said.

Community refrigerator.

This organization is full of mothers who dedicate their spare time after work to get restaurants and other organizations to donate food to them and thus distribute it in different community refrigerators.

“Another part of the satisfaction is that we are reducing the waste that would be created in these restaurants or stores that would normally be throwing this away,” added Andersen.

And it is that the number of community pantries and refrigerators in Brooklyn has increased to such a way that it is already the county with the largest free food program in the city

“The other counties have 50, 60 emergency aid programs. Brooklyn has 114. This is due to the volume of people who live here, so you are going to have more food insecurity and more need,” said Jenique Jones, Vice President of Operations Program , City Harvest

The City Harvest organization plans to fill the more than 80 community coolers around the city this week to mark World Food Day on October 16.



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