They speed up the production of the Valve Steam Deck

Valve also strives to improve and accelerate the production and delivery of Steam Deck.

According to Valve’s information intensify production of Steam Deck, so they can ship multiple orders to any user who has already booked a console. Now the first round orders are being fulfilled for the second quarter, so far there have been no changes or delays in the plans.

Valve Steam DeckSource: engadget

However, anyone who has just ordered a Steam Deck is not expected to receive it until October, at the earliest. However, according to a February interview, production can be stepped up quickly, so there is hope for those who want such a gaming machine.

Of course, it’s not necessarily a problem to wait: the first testers reported a lot of bugs, there are those who say the device is specifically unsuitable for the game. Others say it’s half-finished, but it’s promising.

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