‘They shot at the nuclear power plant with their tanks indiscriminately’

There was a lot more unexploded ordnance. The Russians collected them after the conquest and detonated them on the site of the plant itself. Kotin has no words for this: “We could not imagine that a country that has so many reactors of its own, would dare enter with its tanks and start shooting haphazardly.”

Also in Chernobyl, where the worst nuclear disaster in human history occurred, the Russians behaved recklessly. Right next to the power station, which exploded on April 26, 1986 after a failed test, lies the most nuclear-polluted ground in the world. Russian soldiers dug trenches there and breathed in a lot of nuclear-polluted dust.

“I have no explanation for this. What were their commanders up to?” asks a despairing manager of the site.

(The statements of the president of Energoatom are not independently verifiable.)

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster was the largest nuclear disaster to have ever occurred:

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