They shot a public transport bus in Plovdiv PHOTO

They shot a Plovdiv City Transport bus with a rifle. Kostadin Totkov of “Avtobusni Prevozi” told “Maritsa” that the incident occurred around 21:00 last night, after the last course. Flight no. 12 completed its course, dropped off the passengers at the last stop and went to the garage. Went along “Peshtersko Shose” Blvd., then turned into “Koprivshtitsa” Blvd.

Just as he was passing the “Elin Pelin” school, shots rang out. One of the bus windows, the one on the right next to the front door, was broken. Fortunately the driver was not injured. “Several police squads are arriving on the scene. An investigation is currently underway, it is ascertaining who shot and with what. The bus, unfortunately, was damaged. It is not easy to find such glass,” commented Totkov. .

According to him, the flight driver was extremely stressed out, he testified. There were no passengers on bus line 12 as he drove home.

“Recently, similar events have become more frequent. In addition to shootings, sandbags and stones are being thrown on flights. Eggs have recently been thrown at buses in Komatevo,” commented Totkov.

Police informed “Maritsa” that there is currently no evidence of a shooting, but rather a stone thrown, probably as a child. The testimony also points to this version. A preliminary procedure has been initiated.

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