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They set Georgi on fire and threw him on the sidewalk

by world today news

Atrocity in broad daylight – a 47-year-old man from Pavlikeni was set on fire and thrown on the sidewalk in a helpless state. According to preliminary information, the man named Georgi was systematically harassed long before the horrific incident that took place on the eve of Easter.

The attack is believed to have taken place after a company was drunk, but no details have been released. It is only known that the alleged arsonist was also injured by the flames, bTV reports.

Georgi himself has almost 40% burns, he is accommodated in Pirogov, and today he is about to have a serious operation.

It turns out that the man was not insured. However, two businessmen from the city, who requested anonymity, paid the amount of insurance 5 years ago.

“Georgi has donated blood for various cases over the years. He helps what they ask for, he works where he is asked. He is always a good, smiling, a little naive, but extremely good person, “said Marina Angelova, whose father found Georgi helpless.

In Pavlikeni, meanwhile, a fundraising campaign has been launched for the treatment and rehabilitation of the injured man.



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