They send probes to Mars to search for signs of extraterrestrial life | Chronicle

China is in full preparations to undertake your first travel to Mars. The mission is known as “Tianwen 1“Between ambition and haste, the giant Asian will launch a rover or space exploration vehicle, a lander and an orbiter aboard a Long March 5 rocket.

The experts estimated that released cargo will arrive in 2021. In the latest studies, Mars presents several characteristics similar to Earth, As was the presence of water, which is surrounded by an atmosphere, it has polar caps and a similar type of rotation.

Thus, exploring it is of great value in understanding our own planet. From NASA, they pointed out that the first probe will conduct scientific research on Martian soil, geological structure, environment, atmosphere and water.

The technology to be implemented named as “rover” It has six wheels and four solar panels, and will carry 13 scientific instruments on board with a total weight of more than 200 kilograms.

They also indicated that the vehicle will remain in place for three months and will travel along the surface of Mars. The launch of the robot China it took place three days later that the United Arab Emirates sent the first mission to the same planet to observe the same characteristics.

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He last country to launch its own mission to the red planet It was the United States, which did it a week after its main competitor in almost all planes.

NASA indicated that the objective of these releases is to find life in another world. The three launched rockets are scheduled to reach their destination only next year. This mission will be the first that NASA perform to search “biological signatures ” in Mars from the remembered Viking mission that he launched in the ’70s.

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