They seized 50 kilos of cocaine “Cristiano Ronaldo” in an apartment in New York

Labeled “CR7”.

US Department of Justice / Cortesía

The authorities seized 50 kilograms of cocaine, stamped with the brand “CR7” (Cristiano Ronaldo), in an apartment in the Jamaica neighborhood, Queens (NYC).

More than $ 200,000 dollars and a loaded gun, The authorities said yesterday, announcing the operation carried out on Monday. Christopher Jones and Wykim Williams were arrested that day in the joint investigation of the Drug Administration (DEA), the New York City Special Narcotics Attorney and the State Police.

Officers observed Jones entering 152-11 89th Avenue building empty-handed Monday afternoon and then exiting with a heavy suitcase, according to the statement. He was arrested shortly thereafter and authorities found that the luggage was full of cash.

Officers later observed Williams entering an apartment in the building and obtained a search warrant. Inside they found the huge stash of labeled cocaine and the loaded gun, along with a variety of paraphernalia, authorities said.

Jones and Williams were charged with felony drug and weapons offenses. The cash bond was set at $ 150,000 for Jones and $ 250,000 for Williams, according to the statement, cited by New York Post.


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