They seek to annul the investigation into the collapse of the Golden Line

The defense of Enrique Horcasitas, former director of the Metro Project, responsible for the construction of Line 12 that collapsed on May 3 and caused the death of 26 people and a hundred injured, as well as 14 other former Metro officials, seeks to testify the nullity of everything investigated to date, considering that due process was violated.

“When the Prosecutor’s Office (General of Justice of Mexico City) delivers the evidence to a private individual commits a crime, it alters the course of the investigation and it completely lacks veracity,” said Gabriel Regino, defense attorney for 15 former officials, among also highlighted by Moisés Guerrero, former director of Civil Works for the Metro Project.

The Regino Abogados office yesterday filed a criminal complaint with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) against María de la Luz Alcántar, an agent of the Public Ministry specialized in attending to users of the Metro Collective Transport System, unit 3 without detainee, Pantitlán agency , from the Decentralized Prosecutor’s Office for Investigation of Specialized Attention Agencies of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (FGJCDMX); Milagro Trinidad González Santiago, manager of the Risk Analysis Area of ​​the company DNV Energy Systems México; the legal entity called DNV and those who are responsible.

They ensure manipulation

At a press conference, Regino said: “There is no doubt. DNV conducts forensic investigations, manipulates evidence ”.

“The complaint (presented) is for crimes of corruption in the administration of justice. It consists of punishing with two to six years in prison the public servant who wrongly delivers evidence to whoever is not a party. The crime is clear, irrefutable ”.

He assured that it is false, as the authorities of the capital government affirm, that the DNV company is making an external, independent and autonomous expert report from that of the FGJCDMX.

Since its hiring, the DNV Mexico company began directing the forensic investigation of the CDMX prosecutor’s office without having previously signed the contract, and began to receive all the signs: concrete, steel, ”he said.

The fact that the DNV company itself reported to the FGR the loss of the chain of custody of three steel fragments that it had sent to its laboratory in Ohio, United States for analysis, he explained, confirms that it is false that there are two investigations autonomous.

“Chain of custody is an exclusive concept, limited to the Public Ministry. How is it that a private company hired by Civil Protection has an official chain of custody? Who gave it to him?


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