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There was a desperate need for a new fire truck in the municipality of Hå, but the budget was tight.

So the firefighters came up with the solution of buying a milk truck from Tine and giving it a new life as a fire truck.

Price to be paid for the project: NOK 1 million.

– If we are talking about buying a brand new fire truck that was built as a tanker by fire truck builders, we have saved several million, says Hå municipality fire chief Per Ivar Aniksdal about the creative solution.

The new fire trucks cost around 5 million Norwegian kroner, according to Aniksdal.

The fire brigade of the municipality of Hå saved several million crowns on the purchase of the milk truck.

Photo: Odin Omland / NRK

We haven’t really done much. We changed the color and gave it a professional label. We tore

Hydraulics is the use of a small force to do very heavy work. In a hydraulic system, power and motion are transmitted via fluid, often over great distances.

” data-term=”plumber”>plumber and the pump that the dairy had and replaced with pumps and pipes that fit our scheme.

And with that, huge sums have been saved. Specifically, between 3 and 5 million NOK.

– Firefighters deserve credit

One of those who is convinced that the municipal firefighters have saved money is the mayor of the municipality, Jonas Skrettingland.

Jonas Skrettingland

Mayor of Hå Municipality, Jonas Skrettingland.

Photo: Anders Fehn / NRK

It’s a perfectly good solution, and it should be. The quality of firefighters must not be compromised, he says.

Skrettingland points out that the municipality is under financial pressure.

– DIt’s great that they think creatively and come up with cost-effective solutions.

He says the firefighters deserve credit.

Tine has sufficient guidelines on how far tankers can be driven before they need to be replaced, but it can probably perform well as a fire engine for many years to come, says the fire chief.

Kristin Vesterheim, transport manager at Tine, explains that the tanks can carry milk for 15 years before needing replacement.

He thinks it’s great that firefighters use tankers and says there are more than enough to haul water.

– There are many fire trucks in Norway that were previously milk trucks. Usable tanks are very interesting for firefighters and to be used further.

Fire truck milk truck

Tine Meieri’s equipment was replaced with firefighters’ equipment.

Photo: Odin Omland / NRK

It can help in other crisis situations

The fire engine has a capacity of 15,000 liters of water and is a good buffer to start extinguishing before there is access to a

A fire hydrant is a device for drawing water from the mains water supply to provide fire fighting service during a fire.

” data-term=”hydrant”>hydrant or open water source.

If the need arises, the tanker works for more than just firefighting.

The good news is that we are keeping the wash system as the dairy trucks originally had. After a trip through the car wash, the car is clean enough to drive with potable water. The blue light can also flash yellow, if it has to assist a technical mission in the municipality of Hå in the event of a water mains failure or if we need to transport drinking water in the event of a crisis.

The mayor believes it is important to think about preparation and calls it a win-win situation that the car can be used for other things as well.

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