They report damage to more than 600 hectares in the Valley due to cold

by: Uniradio News – 13 January 2021, 04:58 pm

By Arianna Monteverde

Obregón City.- Within the preliminary report made by personnel of the Local Plant Health Board due to the effects on crops due to the low temperatures presented on Sunday and Monday, 635 hectares with partial damage are reported.

Juan José López Hermosillo, head of the Rural Development District 148 of the Sader, reported that it is about 356 hectares of beans; 195 corn; 50 of pumpkin and 25 of tomatillo, with affectations ranging from 10 to 60 percent on the plant.

The report is preliminary, he indicated, so that in the coming days even more signs of damage to crops could appear

“Although there is no forecast that the thermometer drops to minus zero degrees, the recommendation is made to producers to be attentive to the weather forecast of their area and to carry out preventive tasks such as keeping the soil moist and / or applying emergency irrigation and fertilization; It is important to urge producers to avoid the practice of burning tires, since this technically and scientifically is not recommended, in addition to the fact that the effects they cause to the environment are harmful to health ”, he said.

During this week, the minimum temperatures in the Yaqui Valley have oscillated between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius, according to reports from the agroclimatic seasons, even so, the official urged farmers not to lower their guard and start with the application of irrigation and fertilizers to avoid further damage.


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