They report a double execution in Neza

Photo: Mauricio Hernández


It was at the corner of Vicente Guerrero and Ignacio López Rayón streets in the Loma Bonita neighborhood in Nezahualcóyotl, State of Mexico, where two men were executed on Wednesday night aboard a car that was parked in front of a house.

According to data collected by the municipal and state police, the events were recorded around 22 hours when two subjects who apparently escaped on a motorcycle, shot at the occupants of the car who were talking.

Gunshots and the noise of the motorcycle quickly moving away from the place, caused the neighbors to notify 911.

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The street was closed by the police to facilitate the work of the paramedics, who found in the front seats of the compact car the two men in their 30s with no vital signs.

In both doors of the vehicle, several bullet holes and different hammer cases of heavy caliber weapons thrown over the vehicular stream could be seen.

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Expert experts in criminalistics, photography and ballistics, took knowledge of the facts and collected ballistic clues to find those responsible who, according to onlookers, managed to escape in the direction of Mexico City.

The bodies were transferred as unknown persons to the amphitheater of the Neza Palacio Justice Center where they are expected to be identified and claimed by their relatives.

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