They reject 60% of plasma donors due to low immunity – Cochabamba

Most of the people who have overcome the coronavirus and want to donate plasma are rejected for having a low level of antibodies.

According to a report from the Cochabamba Blood Bank, so far this year, at least 30 people have come to that establishment to donate, but only 10 qualified. That is, more than 60% could not.

“We must have had about 30 people who have come to be donors, of which only 10 have been optimal in number of antibodies,” reported the director of the Blood Bank, María Luisa Herrera.

He explained that “this disease has been seen to keep people immunized with the optimal amount of Igg, which are specific antibodies, for a very short period. Generally, it is about four months that someone has a good amount of antibodies to be a donor ”.

This management, this establishment had a reserve of 320 units of hyperimmune plasma that was left over from the collection carried out during the first wave of the virus. To date, there are only a hundred left.

He pointed out that the demand for this compound in this second outbreak was not high because, according to studies, it is better to use it in the first phase of the disease and not in advanced stages.

The time of greatest request in this management was in February, when up to 15 units per day were out.


On another issue, Herrera stated that there is a deficit of the blood stock, especially blood group A.

In the reserves there should be at least 80 units of group A, but there are only 42.

This can affect patients who demand more blood units, especially in winter, such as cancer patients and children with leukemia.

One factor that caused this decline is the absence of face-to-face classes in universities, due to the fact that the Blood Bank recruited the majority of donors there.

Another is vaccination against COVID-19, which is causing a “deferral” of donations because people who were immunized cannot donate for at least 15 days, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to Herrera, as more people receive the dose in Cochabamba, the situation will get more complicated.

He pointed out that there is a campaign to attract donations. They installed cars in Plaza 14 de Septiembre and Plaza Bolívar de Quillacollo.

Those interested can approach these points from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Another alternative is to go to the Blood Bank from 08:00 to 20:00.

Herrera remarked that the interested parties cannot be suffering from respiratory diseases, nor be undergoing dental treatments or have tattoos. Due to these types of factors, at least 30% of people are excluded from donations.



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