They refuse house arrest for Javier Duarte; will remain in the prison

Javier Duarte faces a nine-year prison sentence. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Javier Duarte faces a nine-year prison sentence. Photo: Cuartoscuro


The arguments of his defense did not prosper. Javier Duarte will continue in the Reclusorio Norte of the CDMX, Judge Juan Carlos Ramírez determined yesterday, who presided over the hearing in which the lawyers of the former governor of Veracruz did not obtain either provisional release or house arrest for his client.

Cited at 12 noon yesterday, the hearing was extended for more than 7 hours. It was a continuation of the one held on December 16, when Duarte’s lawyers formally requested the change of precautionary measure, arguing that the 9-year sentence imposed on him for money laundering and criminal association is not firm, that is, It is under review by a court.

The control judge denied the possibility and resolved that there is a risk that Javier Duarte will escape. In analyzing the approaches of both the defense and the prosecution, Juan Carlos Ramírez considered that the former governor has the economic or material means that accredit such risk. And as evidence, he cited a lease agreement of an apartment that Duarte rents in Mexico City for 25 thousand pesos a month, a setback for his lawyers who offered the contract as a guarantee that his client was domiciled in this capital and for that reason not He would run away.

The defense made its approach, the judge did not accept its arguments or its claims and granted the reason to the Prosecutor’s Office, ”said prosecutor Manuel Granados, who conducted the interrogation at the hearing by the prosecutor and was one of the first to leave room 2 of the federal courts based in the North Reclusorio.

Another of the main arguments of the control judge to resolve that Duarte must remain in prison was that of the alleged pact that Duarte himself made with the federal government to surrender in April 2017. Then, he was in Guatemala and there he recorded a video denouncing the agreement to return to Mexico in exchange for his family not being disturbed.

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In this regard, the defense stated at the hearing that if Duarte traveled to Guatemala it was at the request of the then federal government, not by a genuine intention to escape from the authorities. The judge said that if that pact existed, it would have been illegal, so it was no argument.

Meanwhile, Pablo Campuzano, lawyer for Javier Duarte, considered that the judge’s decision it was not successful.


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