They reduced the salaries of three of our bankers from BGN 10,000 to BGN 2,000


“We are reducing the salaries of the three experts of the Supervisory Board of the Bulgarian Development Bank five times, from 10 thousand to 2 thousand BGN, or 5 times, because the Bulgarian Development Bank is not functioning well and is not managed efficiently. Minister of Innovation and Growth Alexander Pulev in an interview with “More of the day” on BNT this evening, adding that intelligent people with biographies work in the bank supervision, but with this move the ministry as principal is sending a clear message that it wants better results and better control .

“For the full calendar year 2022, the bank’s target is BGN 342 million for business loans and at the end of August BBR supported businesses with just BGN 60 million. At the moment, the implementation is very weak and my rating is weak 2. We write a couple to the supervisory board and cut their salaries, ”Pulev added.

He announced that an audit by the Audit Office at BBR has been underway since Monday 19 September. “Such an audit occurs for the first time in 15 years – since the BBR was established,” noted the minister and stressed that the recommendations of this audit must be implemented by the next innovation minister – the bank’s dean.

“We will propose new people to the BDB Supervisory Body who have the skills and vision necessary to make the bank work better. The main objective will be to support the most targeted micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, which are the backbone of the economy. “said the minister.

He announced that the limit of BGN 5 million for the granting of credit will certainly not be changed. Currently, the average loan amount is BGN 350,000, she explained and stated that the bank’s product portfolio should be expanded.

According to him, the Ministry of Innovation and Growth is developing two measures to improve the work of the institution. The first is to encourage co-financing, with the participation of the BDB as co-lender on major exhibitions, but only on condition that they are managed by another leading international institution of undisputed fame. The second measure consists in channeling part of the loans through public markets, including the stock exchange.

“In these markets, all information and documents on loans, bonds, contracts will be public. We are for clean and transparent processes. We do not want these contracts to be closed somewhere in some drawer or archive, but to be visible and publicly accessible”, the minister added the idea of ​​the MIR to direct part of the BBR loans to

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