They recover stolen hemodialysis equipment in CDMX

The capital prosecutor, Ernestina Godoy, confirmed that derived from a search in the Workers’ colony, hemodialysis equipment was recovered with a value of 5 million.

Through his social networks he wrote that agents of the Investigative Police in coordination with the capital’s police, searched a property where the equipment was found.

“As a result of a search, the @PDI_FGJCDMX team together with @FiscaliaCDMX of drug dealing and @SSC_CDMX were able to recover all the stolen hemodialysis equipment with a value greater than 5 million pesos. We are continuing to investigate to locate those responsible “, you can read in his message on Twitter.

For his part, the Secretary of Citizen Security, Omar García Harfuch, He mentioned that a confrontation order was executed between both corporations, achieving the recovery of the team.

Theft of the machines

Last Thursday, as narrated by the driver of the transport company Logística Galicia SA de CV, while waiting for the change of traffic lights at the intersection of the Eje de Guerrero corner with Avenida Manuel González, in the San Simón Tolnahuac neighborhood, in the mayor’s office Cuauhtémoc, was approached by armed subjects; They got him off the trailer and put him in another vehicle where they were “walking” him for 45 minutes.

It is stated in the investigation file, FICUH / CUH-1 / UI-1 S / D / 00 531 / 10-2020, that the affected unit was a white International brand trailer, model 2020 with license plates 371FF1 of the SPF, and the Trailer box was model 2011 of the same color with 6HU3588 plates.

The driver was transporting 20 dialysate machines, merchandise owned by Baxter S. A. of CV, all with the description AK98V2115V, Bio Version-Extraco Hemodialysis Equipment, with a value of 224 thousand pesos each, and all for a total amount of 5 million 196 thousand 800 pesos.

After the robbery, those affected raised the report and thanks to the unit’s tracking device, it was located on Calle Norte 45 and Poniente 196 of the Industrial Vallejo neighborhood, in Azcapotzalco. All 20 machines were not found.

Due to the modus operandi, the investigating agents do not rule out that it is the same gang that robbed the warehouse in Iztapalapa where they kept anti-cancer drugs.

The victim said that the movements of the criminals were timed, because in a matter of minutes they took the product.

He explained that the vehicle in which he was deprived of his liberty for several minutes was a white, Kangoo-type Renault, in which three other subjects were traveling; In this one, they were circling it for about 45 minutes, then they left it on Periférico, before reaching the 5 South axis.

“They could not see their faces because they had face masks, they wore hats and glasses and were crouched,” the victim explained to the Public Ministry, which was recorded in the investigation folder, where it was established that at least six people participated in the robbery .

With information from David Fuentes



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