They recognize the work of the food bank ‘La Jornada NY’

Pedro Rodríguez and his volunteers make sure that every bag of food they give to the families is filled to the brim with food.

Rodríguez, executive director of La Jornada, shared the vision of his work: “One day it will not be necessary, one day that everyone has all the food, that is our goal, a dream. That dream can come true.”

Pedro has been with La Jornada for more than 10 years, the non-profit organization with a food bank in Flushing and different neighborhoods in Queens. He started out giving food to day laborers and they already have a central office in the Bland Houses public housing complex.

During the pandemic, La Jornada was about to close due to not having enough products for the 10,000 families who came to this place. But it stayed afloat and that effort is now being recognized by the organization. No Kid Hungry as part of a campaign to end hunger in the United States.

This was confirmed by Ceci Henríquez, director of Media and Strategic Approach at No Kid Hungry: “What better way to do it and raising voices bringing to light the stories of communities throughout the country and making known the heroic effort that organizations such as The Jornada is taking place. “

The efforts of Pedro Rodríguez and La Jornada will be recognized as part of the campaign Rebuild o Reconstruction to combat hunger in Hispanic children.

“I feel very proud because I represent hundreds of volunteers, men, women, and children, who come to La Jornada, who go to La Jornada all over Queens serving the community,” says Rodríguez.

Currently, La Jornada provides food to some 15,000 families. Pedro still maintains the same illusion that he had when he started a decade ago: ending the need in the neighborhoods of Queens.

And for Rodríguez, his objective is still very clear: “The goal is that one day we will close this place because they no longer need food and that will be the most important thing.”



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