They raised me badly, Megan taught me about racism, said Prince Harry

Prince Harry had no idea how widespread racial prejudice was in society. According to him, he only understood the great problem of racism when he married his wife Meghan Markle.

“I had no idea what racial prejudices were, even if they were ignorant. It was the way I educated and educated,” the Duke of Sussex admitted. by CQ magazine.

Harry said it took him many years to realize how entrenched racism was in society. “Sadly, we still have to talk about it. When I empathized with my wife, I realized,” he continued.

According to Queen Elizabeth’s grandson, it is safe for people with power or great influence not to be aware of their prejudices. “They have to get rid of them first and foremost. If we don’t realize that, then how can we improve? How do we get to the point where there is more justice?” he asked rhetorically.

“Everyone can only gain if the black community is given the approach it should have received a long time ago,” the prince concluded.

Harry and Meghan left the royal family this spring and moved to the United States with his son Archie. Some members of the noble family cannot name them for this. Harry has a very bad relationship with his older brother William, for example.

This is how Meghan and Harry applauded in March, when they still belonged to the royal family:


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