They published the forecast for the coming week


On Tuesday, the cloudiness will be changeable, often significant, only in some places light snow will fall. The wind will be moderate, in the Danube plain and the western part of the Upper Thracian lowland, temporarily strong from the northwest. The minimum temperatures will be between minus 5° and 0°, and the maximum – between 3° and 8°. On Wednesday, the wind will weaken.

There will be more significant breaks and temporary reductions in cloud cover, the chance of precipitation is low. Daytime temperatures will be a degree or two higher. On Thursday, the wind will briefly have a southerly component and temperatures will rise further, reaching and exceeding 10° in the southeastern regions. The clouds will increase and thicken and light showers of rain and snow will begin from the west after noon.

On Friday, the rain will continue, in more places it will be in the southwestern half of the country. Cold air will invade from the northwest and with it the rain will change to snow, only in the evening in Southeastern Bulgaria. During the weekend, the wind will shift from the north and the cooling will continue with it. It will remain mostly cloudy with snow showers. There is an increased probability that they will be significant in quantity on Saturday.

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