They pay you to come on vacation with them!

It is done ! Deconfinement beyond 100 kilometers is in effect. You can now plan to organize your vacation, for example on the French coast. And why not in Charente or in Charente Maritime
? Especially since Charentes tourisme has just announced the distribution of 10,000 vouchers of 100 euros for a tourist stay in these departments between July 1 and November 1, 2020.

The principle to benefit from it: “Holidaymakers must have stayed at least two nights in Charente-Maritime or Charente, have eaten in a traditional restaurant and discovered a leisure activity. »When returning from vacation, a little paperwork: you will have to send your invoices (hotel, restaurant and activity) to benefit from these 100 euros.

The operation (funded by the two departments to the tune of 650,000 euros for Charente-Maritime and 350,000 euros for Charente, tells us The New Republic) will be online in mid-June on the site

Not just in France

For those who would be tempted by a more distant destination (thanks to the reopening of European borders July 1), Sicily is considering the same kind of operation.

The government of this Italian region will take charge part of the price of airline tickets for tourists, up to 50%, informs us Cosmopolitan. “The region should also pay one in three hotel nights for tourists, and allow them to visit for free many places of interest and museums. “

A local newspaper explains that a website dedicated will be launched, on which tourists will have the opportunity to download 600,000 coupons offering discounts or free admission to all attractions and partner locations.

And Japan …

The land of the rising sun is also considering this type of promotion… even if the French would not be really concerned. “A bargaining plan is on the table (but not yet approved) to pay off
half of vacation expenses
tourists ”, indicates RTBF.

“The Japanese government plans to provide aid worth up to 20,000 yen (about 168 euros) per day to people traveling in the country in order to revive the tourism industry,” said This operation should begin at the end of July, knowing that for the moment, the borders of the country are still closed to 111 pays (including France). It is not yet clear whether this offer will be valid for foreigners.


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