They opened the Karel Gott Museum in the ride, there is also a jersey and period photos. In the village they have a grave Culture

Rokycansko The Karel Gott Mini Museum opened on Saturday in the pub building in the village of Svatho Ke in the Rokycany region. He had a famous song with this village, where he used to go to his grandmother and his parents were buried there. On Thursday, June 1, a year will pass since Gott’s death.

In addition to the minimuseum, Mayor Alena Mankov also discovered a memorial plaque with the signature of the song at the lpy. The city was planted by the city for the first time when Karel Gott announced that he was fighting cancer.

The Svack Minimuseum Museum and a special room dedicated to the singing of the stars opened up next to the pub building, which Gott often went to.

It occurred to us in the spring, when we could not go anywhere during the dark coronavirus. First, we decided to build a minimuseum in the room of the former almond tree. Because we could not meet in person, the people brought me historical things to two houses. we secured them, prepared them, called the crushers, and thanked them. This is how the Svack seat was created. Because it was not easy, we went to two exhibits in the next room, where our council sits. And then piel had the idea to make Karel Gott’s memorial room, according to the server Mayor Alena Mankov summed up how she was born.

The widow of Ivan also agreed with the creation of the room dedicated to Gott, as the mayor recalled. In the last year, the town was run by the municipality for the construction of memorial rooms according to the photo server with Karel Gott, some of whom have also signed it. Copies of valuable pictures were also pasted into the memoirs of the book founded a year ago during the memorial act.

Karel Gott’s paintings with his idiot Oldich, who is buried in the local cemeteries, appear on the walls. There are also a few notable sharp photographers of Gott with the locals going from a time when his musician career had just begun to begin.

The covers of his plates are in the stained glass, and a suit is displayed for the Tailor’s Virgin, in which the photographer curled him into one of the official photographers. This and much more is in the room between the restaurant and the council meeting room.

Under the ceiling hang a hockey jersey for Karel Gott by Jaromro Jgr, there is also a painting that Karel Gott painted and donated in 2009. According to, the mayor reminded me to go to the restaurant to chat not only with Idea Olda, but also with the townspeople. She added that the widow Ivana Gottov was also interested in some of the pictures from the locals, which could appear in the autobiography.

He was very popular here. Whenever he went through the village, with whom he exchanged a few words, he was one of us, she saidKlatovy DayMankov.

Karel Gott was born on July 14, 1939 in the Pilsen maternity hospital to his parents Maria and Karl. During the ride at St. Ke Gott, he regularly flew at Grandma’s. His family was buried in a small village in the Rokycany region, and his cousins ‚Äč‚Äčlived there.

Zpvk died on June 1, 2019 before full moon in his villa on the crack of Bertramka. Lil with acute leukemia. The legend of Czech popular music, which influenced several generations of listening, was 80 years old. Fans could say goodbye to the popular song on June 11, 2019 in the thumb ofn, where about 49 thousand people drank. A day later, a meeting took place in the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, where they drank to say goodbye to a relative, a friend, co-workers, politicians, singers, actors, athletes and gave an invited guest. Saturday was a day of mourning.

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